Progress & Challenges



1. The deliberate destruction of natural bamboo stands to make way for alternate land use such as agricultural production
2. The natural stands of rattan is exhausted in the forest reserve due to over-exploitation
3. There are   no  strategies /policies  guiding the operations of  the Unit.  
4. The indiscriminate harvesting of natural bamboo culms for the building industry need government intervention. Eg Policies to hault indiscriminate exploitation of bamboo and rattan resources.
5. Relocating the bamboo and rattan artisans scattered in the city centres to a central location in order to monitor their activities and offer technical assistance.
6. The request for funding support, such as the National Plantation Development Fund, to individuals and communities interested in developing nursery and plantations of bamboo and rattan.
7. Lack of financial assistance to the nation’s research institutions to research into the growth patterns and adaptability of introduced bamboo species.
8. Under-development of the bamboo and rattan processing industry to produce quality engineered bamboo boards and other bamboo and rattan products to meet the Regional and European markets standards.
9. Lack of interest of the plywood manufacturing companies to use bamboo as alternative raw material.