VRA and the Forestry Commission has agreed to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to plant bamboo along the banks of the Volta Lake in order to protect it from drying up and also prevent  communities living along the river from farming along the banks of the river.

 The use of the bamboo species shall help serve the following purposes:

  1. Protect the Volta Lake by serving as a means of demarcation of thmeters asml.
  2. Create a buffer zone to avoid encroachment of VRA acquired lands
  3. Protect against erosion and to prevent or reduce the rate of evaporation of the Volta Lake.
  4. Promote the socio-economic importance of bamboo for a sustainable development of the riparian communities.

The introduction of bamboo species will be in three (3) phases as follows:

Phase 1 or Pilot Phase (3 Years) 2018 – 2020
Phase 2  (3 Years) 2021 – 2023
Phase 3  (4 Years) 2024 – 2028

VRA is funding the Phase 1 of the project. External funding is being solicited, for phase 2 and 3